Anton Morozov, a politician and a member of the Russian Duma's international affairs committee of Russia, visited Pyongyang recently and has revealed that North Korea has developed a long-range missile that can reach the west coast of the USA and it plans to test out. This news was reported by the news agency RIA.

Pyongyang has already identified a few probable United States targets on the east coast and now wants to prove its superiority by targeting the west coast.

Kim Jong-Un increases pressure

Sky News reports that North Korea shared vital information with Anton Morozov about the probability of its strike plans.

They showed him mathematical calculations to prove that it was possible for their long-range missile to strike targets on the west coast of the United States. Anton Morozov added that Kim Jong-Un has plans to launch a missile of this category in the near future.

It may be recalled that Pyongyang claimed to have successfully developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead to install in one of its ICBM intercontinental ballistic missiles. The country feels such an achievement is an important step in the fulfillment of its nuclear ambitions.

US President Donald Trump has already clarified his stand. He said he will not hesitate to opt for military action if North Korea continues to pursue its nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

The global community does not approve of Kim’s methods, and the United Nations has, therefore, imposed sanctions on it.

Search is on for a solution

The two main players in this tussle are US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. In the recent past, there has been a veritable war of words between the two that gave rise to fears of direct conflict at any moment.

President Trump went to the extent of saying that efforts to negotiate with Pyongyang would not be a meaningful exercise. Moreover, during his first address to the UN General Assembly in New York, he went to the extent of cautioning North Korea of dire consequences, if it threatens the United States.

Military experts on both sides must realize that direct confrontation with nuclear weapons would translate into a large-scale loss of human lives and destruction of assets.

These are not desirable, and a peaceful solution must be evolved. North Korea is an unknown entity with regard to its nuclear capabilities and preparedness. Anton Morozov, the Russian politician, has shared information on the long-range missile plans of Pyongyang. This should not be ignored by the strategists but should be taken as important input to work out the future action plan.