An oil rig explosion in Louisiana has injured seven persons, and one person is still missing. Apart from injuries to human lives, the explosion poses a severe threat to wildlife on the coast of Louisiana. The greatest danger is to fish and wild birds, who can become ill or even die. The oil in water can pollute the fish and shrimp eaten by people. There are methods that oil drilling companies can use to cut the chances of an Oil Rig explosion to almost nil. These companies must staff them properly, equip the rigs with safety equipment, and develop an emergency plan that works.

Oil rig tragedy

According to Fox News, an oil rig explosion in Louisiana on Sunday injured seven people and one person was missing. The oil platform in Lake Pontchartrain exploded and was on fire. Since the oil spill threatens the coast of Louisiana, it must be contained quickly. One danger is that the spill can damage the breeding grounds of shrimp and oyster beds. In addition, the rig Blast can risk the safety of wild birds.

Rig explosions harm environment

The injured and the missing person is our main concern. Rescue teams ceased the search for Timothy Morrison, who is from Katy, Texas.The wrecked rig has several unreachable areas and the wild winds made it hazardous for rescue workers to continue searching.

At the same time, the Louisiana coast is an important breeding area for birds and if crude oil coats the wings of birds, it devastates them. Their ability to seek and find food and fly gets lost. In addition, the explosion and oil in water expose people to oil-contaminated fish and shrimp in the food markets.

Disaster could be prevented

A company can cut the chances of oil rig explosion to a very low-level. At the outset, it must check and make sure that sufficient crew is on board. Further, the company must place many fire extinguishers at critical spots.In addition, the existing floors of the rig must have special decking and gangways so that inflammable materials that leak drain through an under-channel to gathering pipelines.

Also, the management must provide adequate safety gear, life jackets, and rafts. If a company develops a rig specific detailed emergency plan and trains its crew members to carry it out, almost all rig explosions can also be prevented. It is also an important responsibility of the drilling firm to make regular inspections of safety mechanisms and periodically test emergency equipment.