Ohio State almost losing to Penn State might not seem like an upset, but it kind of is when you consider that the Nittany Lions were not supposed to be this good. This should have been the game where they let everyone down who bet on them, but they have done a magical thing in competing with Ohio State the way that they have. Because of this, the tenor of college football is shifting back to the teams that seem to havthat little it factor that makes themdangrerous. TCU used to be that way, but they have problems with a team like Iowa State that make you wonder what is going on.

We see it around college football with a lot more upsets and close games than we used to have.

Why is Penn State so good?

Penn State is great for a lot of reasons, but it is clear that James Franklin is the most important one. He has set up the team in a way that makes them very good, and he is causing a lot of teams problems because he is coaching them out of the water. You might have noticed how good he is at coaching, and you can see how well he recruits. He has shocked some people with talent like Saquon Barkley, and he seems to know what to do when he has his team in a big game situation. Because of that, the team is better. There are more guys around the college football world like that, and they all cause problems for the teams in the country that are used to being at the top.

Why is coaching getting better?

Most of the guys that are coaching now come froma. New era of coaching where you have to be laser focused. They are all connected to guys who are among the best in the country, and they are all working form the basic playbook that makes them good. Even the worst teams have good coaches who could turn things around in the right situation, and that is why college football has gotten so hard to predict.

It only takes a little bit to make your team better, and you can see the change as soon as a team gets the right players on the field. It happens a lot because so many of these teams will find that one diamond int he rough who makes them better. Georgia has done it with Jake Fromm, and you can see teams like Penn State do it with Saquon Barkley.

You have to be impressed with recruiting because now everyone can get a big time player if they want to.

Will the upsets continue?

Based on the fact that Clemson beat Alabama last year but lost to Syracuse this year you have to assume that the upsets are going to continue for many years to come. We will never see all the talent and good coaching in one or two places. Everyone is great now.