Middle-earth: Shadow of War” is an action role-playing video game that uses the lore of the Middle-earth franchise. It is also the sequel to the popular “Shadow of Mordor.” It is a unique game because it uses the Nemesis system.

The video game is vastly large compared to its predecessor with numerous regions to conquer. This is also the reason that it makes it difficult to conquer without proper preparations. In order to counter that problem, here are some tips that I have collected for everyone to follow.

Finish all side-quests first

The first thing to do is to complete all side-quest tasks in one region before conquering a fort.

These side-quests will yield powerful weapons, armor, skills, and Meridian (in-game cash). It will also give Talion (main protagonist) a lot of experience to increase his level.

With better weapons and equipment, players can now fight stronger orc captains easily. They can also fight a large mob of orcs and other monsters. Better equipment can also make them immune from poison, fire, and ice attacks.

Always appoint a bodyguard

Players should always appoint a bodyguard in every region they visit. “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” allows players to choose an orc captain that they have dominated. Bodyguards are big assets in dangerous battles, and they can even save you from getting killed by an enemy orc captain.

Players should also be careful with their bodyguards. For some random reason, these appointed orc captains betray them. This is the reason why I choose bodyguards that have weaknesses to exploit.

Send death threats

Orc worms and intelligence stations have the option to send death threats to enemy orc captains. This increases their level, and they acquire better equipment.

These orc captains will also yield better rewards after they are defeated.

Orc captains with death threats yield a better experience, higher level equipment, and Meridian. This is a good way to get legendary equipment for Talion to use.

Summon or dominate creatures

Caragors, Dire Caragors, Graugs, spiders, and Ghuls are some of the creatures inhabiting Mordor.

Freeing, summoning, or dominating some of these creatures can be helpful in fights. They can curb the numbers of the orc mobs that are trying to kill Talion.

I personally like to summon Graugs to defeat orc captains with a lot of strong abilities. They also have strong defenses against arrows and melee attacks.

Dominate all orc captains

Dominating all orc captains in one region can be a big advantage in preparation for capturing a fort. Infiltrating the ranks of the orc war chief can disable the defenses of the fort. This will make it easier for Talion to fight him in a final battle.

Check out the "Middle-earth: Shadow of War" launch trailer below: