Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford have become the best of friends over the years primarily because of the Georgia connection. Stafford went to Georgia's and Matt Ryan plays in Atlanta. Their wives are best friends, but we poke fun at it in the media like this is weird. Then we use the word 'bromance' to describe it. This is called a friendship among women who are interdependent and good at being emotionally supportive. Can we stop acting like two Football Players are too macho to have a close relationship with another man?

Bromances are not real

Friendships are real.

We have a word for this, and we have been using it for years. 'Bromance' is a snide way for prejudiced people to poke fun at the fact that two men might be gay. First of all, if they are gay, that is not a problem. Second, being close to someone does not make you emotionally and romantically invested in them. Third, men need to learn how to have emotional relationships with people more often. The NFL might actually be a better game if more guys were like this. However, we make fun of them and snicker the word 'bromance' in hushed tones.

LeBron does this and no one complains

LeBron James appeared to have these relationships with Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. We called them the banana boat crew and let it go.

We never snickered about them possibly being gay, but we seem to think this is funny to say about football players. Is that because football players are supposed to be more masculine? That would be the reason why guys go back into games when they are hurt, and it leaves them with much worse health when they leave the league.

Perhaps guys who can confide in one another would be more likely to admit that they are hurt and not go back on the field to be pummeled that much more.

This goes way back

We live in a culture where being homosexual was once illegal. People will likely comment on this article that they cannot believe I am talking about gay people in a sports column because it disgusts them.

We have been through eras of sports that had players not even talking to one another because of the teams they played on. Now we complain when players get to know one another, and we even have executives asking players at the draft combine if they are gay because that might somehow change their draft stock. The NFL needs a makeover because it just keeps looking worse and worse the more we dig into it. We cannot even get past a friendship between two guys who must have a lot in common.