Only three nations on the planet today do not have a Central Bank. They will be familiar to all readers. For some reason, they are also known as the most evil nations in existence. They are Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Are all these nations really a threat to global democracy and peace? Or is all of this Political theatre?

Three peaceful peoples

History gives little evidence that any of these people ought to be feared. Most Americans agree with the rhetoric deeming North Korea to be a threat. But why Syria and Iran? Does it have anything to do with not having a central bank?

Syria has been in the midst of a deadly and destructive civil war for over six years now. They will not be a threat to anyone anytime soon. They have no means by which to cause harm (and no central bank), being so mired in their own struggle. Domestic issues make it almost impossible for such a country to go on the offensive (something which Syria has no record of doing).

Iran has never invaded a single country. In all of Iranian history, their military has never once laid claim to another land. In other words, the Iranians have a rather peaceful history. They do not make it a habit to invade foreign lands and slaughter innocents. Why then, are they perceived as a force for evil?

The same question can be posed to North Korea.

Still, more so than the other two nations, it’s reasonable to suspect North Korea of being evil. The nation is an isolated dictatorship. Its leader has been known to make threats. Yet as National Post reports, South Koreans don’t seem too concerned. They’re more interested in going to a concert put on by a Korean music sensation named Psy.

They know that North Korea does this all the time.

Evil Cohesion

What binds these so-called evil nation-states together? What do they have in common, other than never doing much harm to anyone outside their own borders in the past? The National Review cites a United Nations report claiming that Syria, Iran, and North Korea all have some sort of evil pact together - no mention of their collective lack of a central bank.

Something that never seems to enter the equation is the fact that economies of these countries are not centrally controlled. There is no central bank of Iran, of Syria, or of North Korea. This fact is seldom considered or even mentioned. Something to ponder.

Consider this, too: only one nation has ever used nuclear weapons. Iran and North Korea are presumed to be threats just for attempting to create such weapons in spite of the fact they have zero histories of aggression. What kind of political theatre is this?

The President of the United States of America has issued ominous tweets foreshadowing what might happen. Will political theatre one day become something more?