The MVP does three things in the NFL. The MVP wins games, the MVP takes his team to the playoffs, and the MVP is clearly the reason why that team is there. Deshaun Watson could be the MVP if he keeps playing like this, takes the Texans to the playoffs, and possibly steals a playoff game. Let us see why Deshaun Watson would be the MVP if his Texans team goes farther than they ever really have before.

They made the playoffs

It would be very easy to shoot down this theory by saying that the Texans have been to the playoffs before, but did you really think that they ever had a chance?

Do not go back and tell me how they did. Tell me you thought they could win a playoff game before it started. That has never happened, but this Texans team could make a lot of noise if they go to the playoffs. That might be the first time they were actually favored or people thought they could win a playoff game. That makes Watson unique and very special. He is clearly the MVP if he can do all that.

He plays at this extraordinary level

I am not suggesting that the Texans will score 57 points in every game, but Watson could easily play really well for a few weeks. A continued good play would make him a favorite for the MVP because he would be pulling along the defense. We have always said that the defense is the strength of the Texans, but they would give all their power to the offense in just one season because they drafted this kid who seems to be invincible.

Everyone else looks off

There are too many bad and inconsistent performances in the league this year to ignore. You could easily say that Alex Smith should be the MVP, and you could say that it is Kareem Hunt. However, outside of these three guys, who are you going to pick? Are you going to give it to Tom Brady just because you feel like it?

That seems silly considering the fact that the Patriots are tied with the Bills right now. Deshaun Watson has a bigger impact on his team whether you like it or not. Yes, Tom Brady is great, but he is not doing that much for the Patriots right this second. He might change my mind, but he has not done that yet.

Our minds need to be changed

The person who wins the MVP needs to give us a reason to vote for them, and they would have to take the award from Watson by being amazing. It would be very simple for a lot of people to do, but they have not done that yet. I am not interested in forcing Watson down everyone's throat until the end of the season, but he needs to be left in the conversation so that we can consider him if he continues to be this good.