Living in the United States in 2017 is a wild ride. We've got so much going on and extremists on both political sides, that many people aren't sure which side is the right side at all. One would think that regardless of what side you're on, being against Nazism is a good thing, right? Apparently, this isn't the case as Bethesda has previously found out with a tweet advertising the second "Wolfenstein" game.

Making America Nazi-free again

On October 5, the Twitter account for the "Wolfenstein" games released the following tweet and advertisement:

It seems pretty harmless.

Nazis have generally been seen as universal bad guys. No one who thinks that they're better than someone based solely on their ethnicity is a good person. Unfortunately, Bethesda was greeted with some backlash after this tweet.

Many of us are still trying to figure out how being against fascism and wanting social justice is a bad thing, but apparently to some people it really is. It's quite clear that the tweet was a play on words on Donald Trump's campaign slogan, "Make American Great Again." Many people pointed out that he ran his campaign based on racism and fascist tendencies, and he hasn't proven anyone wrong since he's been in office.

He was rather quiet after white supremacists decided to march in Charlottesville, Virginia. And yes. being a white supremacist is on par with being a nazi.

Despite the unexpected controversy, there are many people supporting the stance that Bethesda took. It's extremely humorous to watch the gamers who do happen to fall into this white supremacist category be up in arms about the statement.

But isn't that what the 'Wolfenstein' games are about?

Yes. Killing Nazis is exactly what these games are about. The "Wolfenstein" series has been about killing Nazis since the 1990s. In fact, they've released six games that have been about killing Nazis.

It sounds like this is just a series dedicated to killing what is widely seen as pure evil.

This tweet being so controversial has gotten Pete Hines, Bethesda's vice president of marketing and PR, to speak up. "This is what our game is about. It's what this franchise has always been about. We aren't afraid to embrace what BJ stands for and what Wolfenstein represents. When it comes to Nazis, you can put us down in the 'against' column," Hines stated. Anyone who was hoping for a different answer from Bethesda can remain disappointed. It doesn't appear that they want any Nazis in their fanbase anyway.

For fans who have decided to stick around and purchase the upcoming game, you don't have much more time to wait. "Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus" will be released on October 27. Feel free to check out the amazing trailer, but be warned, it's extremely graphic.