The Sec was often thought to be the most entertaining conference because we have been watching their games on CBS every Saturday, but they are not always the best conference. They are not as much fun to watch this season because there is nothing really compelling going on except the fact that Georgia is good. The ACC and Big 12 look much better, and that is something that we need to take a look at. The SEC puts guys in the NFL, but the ACC and Big 12 have offenses that we want to watch.

The ACC has good teams that delight you

We are not delighted by teams like Vanderbilt and Mississippi State, but we are delighted by teams like Virginia and Duke.

There is something fun and playful about the ACC that you do not get in the SEC. The SEC is almost too serious, and that takes some of the fun out of it. Everyone is trying to copy Nick Saban, and it just is boring sometimes. That is not the kind of football we want to watch. It is the same reason a lot of Supercars are not good looking, but we assume they are. You get all excited when you hear Ferrari, but there are some ugly Ferraris.

The Big 12 slings the ball

No one is more into throwing the ball than the Big 12. After all those years of just running the ball and playing defense, the Big 12 is very big on offense, and you can get a game every weekend that looks like the old Holiday Bowl. You can get scores like 52-49, and it will happen without fail.

Look at all the best teams in the conference, and you will find out that all of them have very powerful offenses. You should try them out on Saturdays because they are so much more fun to look at than many other teams in the country. You will be happy to watch these teams because they also tend to lose to one another. A surprise loss can be exciting to watch.

You get the same thing in the ACC whereas you do not get it as much in the SEC.

The PAC 12 is better than average

I would rather watch the Pac 12, and that is primarily because they have a much better presentation. The uniforms are more fun to look at, and they will all pass the ball. They have the most versatile players in the country in their conference, and they tend to have a lot of surprise losses because they are so evenly matched.

You will always get good football in this conference, and it makes more sense for you to invest in this conference because you know that they will at least entertain you. At best, the SEC might give you greatness. There is not a lot of intrigue in that, and it is made worse when the coach is a sourpuss.