Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant is going to need to rest all week while the Tigers have a bye, and this is the perfect chance for the Tigers to do the old Steve Mcnair. If you recall, McNair had a broken sternum one season, and he basically did not practice at all, but he played for the Titans. He was ready to go, but he just could not be doing anything at all in the course of the practice week. The Tigers can do the same with Bryant, and they will be able to conserve him for the rest of the season by doing so.

He does not need to practice

Obviously, practicing is a good idea so that you can prepare for other teams, but you do not always need to practice if you are on the shortlist for the Heisman Trophy and you just came in to replace Deshaun Watson.

That means that you are pretty good, and it also means that you do not have to work as hard to get the playbook in your head. Bryant can do everything short of putting on pads, and he could be ready for the next game. He will get two whole weeks off, and the Tigers can spend a lot of time getting ready to win their next game and get back into the conversation for the playoffs. They can still win the ACC, but they have to plan for it.

Locker room confidence

There are a number of people on the Tigers who would feel much more confident about their chances if they just had Bryant on the field and ready to go. They would not have to worry so much about how they were going to win the next game, and even having a plan for how to deal with Bryant's injury would be a big step in making sure that the team was happy.

They would know that they had someone they could rely on, and they would not have to wonder what it was going to be like from week to week. Even if he does practice, the team will see that the coaching staff is very clear on what to do. Getting desperate and throwing him into the game will do nothing but cause chaos.

They have the benefit of the doubt

Clemson has won a national title, and they are going to get the benefit of the doubt because they have been established as a good team. Many people will cheer for them or just want to have them in the playoffs because they are Clemson. The fact that they are Clemson means nothing if they lose again, but it would help the voters forget the loss they had only because Bryant was hurt.

This kid from Wren High School is really the new hope for Clemson, and everything we think about the Tigers is based on how he plays. I hope I have laid out a plan that helps Bryant get back on the field.