Stephen King would say that great writers don't run out of ideas when searching for a new novel idea. And this could possibly be true especially if authors are great at research. While a new idea may not come to you as you sit at home and wait for an idea to arrive, ideas may come quickly if you step outside your front door and go explore.

There are many ways to come up with a new novel idea and Stephen King would probably have plenty of techniques and methods that you could use. He hasn't revealed what he does to come up with a new novel idea but he has said that it is pathetic for writers to sit at home and wait for an idea when all they have to do is step outside and find inspiration elsewhere.

This could include reading a book by someone else, doing some research in the respective field, or just step out and have a conversation with someone. When it comes to finding a new novel idea, don't be afraid to Listen to what other people have to say.

Take a walk and go to the park

If you live in a big city, like New York City, you may want to go to a huge park and just sit down on the bench and listen to what people are saying. When they walk right in front of you in deep conversation with someone else, see if you can pick up on what they're saying to one another. These conversations may serve as an inspiration point for a brand-new novel. But the park is only one place where you can go. You can also go to a restaurant and just order a small serving of food while you sit and listen to what people around you are talking about, or you can go to a coffee shop and listen to what people are gossiping about over coffee.

Don't be afraid to sit back and listen but don't interrupt or ask questions. People may take offense to what you are doing.

Don't forget about the bar

When you're eavesdropping on a conversation, it may be wise to pick your audience based on what you want to write your book about. But people who have had a few beers or shots in them tend to open up a bit more about their life, their struggles, or even about funny stories.

If you are looking for an interesting story, you may want to go to the bar and sit down where you can hear people talking. You can also start up a conversation with someone sitting at the bar and let their words inspire you. While you may end up with absolutely nothing, you may also end up with the story that could be the next bestseller.

What do you think about eavesdropping on a conversation to get inspiration for your new book? Do you think this is an effective way to get some ideas flowing or do you think it is crossing the line, as you are listening to people's private conversations?