Modeling in the fashion industry is very competitive. Talented women around the world compete for limited positions in agencies. Modeling Agencies have a defined Body type for their models. The problem is that few meet these expectations. As a result, women who may be more valuable to the company are overlooked. The modeling agencies create an unrealistic expectation of what a model should look like. Women who don't reach these expectations become self-conscious about their own body.

Unrealistic body expectations

Fashion magazines want to portray a certain body type as attractive.

They focus on two types of models. The first type is thin models. These models have a sleek, small frame. An example of the thin model archetype is Kendall Jenner. She is the face of modeling for our generation. But, a tall, thin girl is not truly representative of the diverse amount of models. The second type of models is curvy. These models are not as thin as the first type, but, they have wider hips to give them curves in all the right places. Until recently, curvy models were not desirable. As people began to accept all body types, the focus on models with curves became prominent.

Body acceptance and positivity

The current state of body acceptance and positivity is much better than it was in the past.

In the past, these unrealistic body expectations cultivated the culture of beauty. Dolls were made to fit these expectations. Barbie dolls were made with unrealistic proportions. Impressionable young girls unknowingly looked up to impossible body shapes when they bought the dolls. Clothing lines made sizes that didn't represent all bodies.

Magazine covers only had women that fit these expectations. The concept of beauty by these standards excluded a lot of beautiful women. Today, people are more progressive in terms of eliminating those standards of beauty. Companies create dolls that actually have human proportions. Fashion magazines include women of all sizes on their covers, and modeling agencies have models that are truly representative of women around the country.

However, there is still work to be done.

Looking forward

Body positivity and acceptance are trends that recently began. More improvements are needed in the fashion industry for a substantial effect to take place. Public opinion on bodies that do not conform to these expectations is still negative, and beauty standards are still forced on women, making them ashamed of their own body. Women shouldn't feel like they need wide hips and thin waist to be deemed beautiful. Women shouldn't feel like they need a large chest and no stomach fat to be deemed beautiful. Every woman is beautiful in their own way and should be accepted as such.