Elon Musk is giving more details about the conquest of Mars by the 2060s. He has in mind a rocket which is called the BFR that will be used to send satellites and support the International Space Station. Musk made comments about his goals at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide (Australia), he suggested that the BFR could also be used to transport people between two places on the Earth in less than an hour or even build a lunar base. The Founder Of Spacex and Tesla commented on the financial challenges to conquer Mars, he also stated that we already should have a base on the moon.

Musk has also proposed a solution to make Mars habitable for humans, the founder of SpaceX has always stated that he would like to die there.

More details

The BFR is a 42-engine rocket that will be 400 feet tall and looks like a larger model of the Falcon 9, it's able to repeatedly delivering fuel tankers and spaceships capable of carrying 100 people. Elon Musk has in mind a thousand spaceships around the Earth that will sail toward our nearest neighbor, unfurling solar panels. After three or six months, those spaceships will land on the Red Planet, carrying supplies. According to a report by National Geographic, the founder of SpaceX states that the construction of this rocket will take place the next year, and he believes that two vehicles could be sent by 2022.

If this is accomplished, SpaceX will launch four vehicles in 2024 whose mission will be finding the Red Planet’s best sources of water and construct a propellant plant there.

Goals and challenges

Musk has founded reputed companies like SpaceX and Tesla, and he's working hard to make successful the Hyperloop, which could travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles in 45 minutes.

According to a report by National Geographic, one of the challenges is that SpaceX has no cash to fund the venture, so, Musk thinks that the company should involve in building a lot of Dragon and Falcon 9 capsules, and sell a huge number of rides. He's convinced that the BFR will transport humans around the planet in less than an hour, and it will also take us to the moon.


The conquest of Mars poses a lot of ethical concerns, one of them is the possibility of polluting that planet and damaging any life that already exists there. Besides, Mars is lethal for humans because its air is unbreathable, its soil is toxic and its water is locked into subsurface ice deposits. Musk knows about it and has proposed make Mars a planet capable of supporting life by nuking its poles and releasing all the water that is locked. Musk is opening a new era for the mankind: The conquest and colonization of the Red Planet.