Many people have preconceived notions about who is reading erotica and why. Erotica is the type of genre that people don't like to talk about because they feel embarrassed to discuss an issue such as sex. They're scared that they're going to be judged, possibly because of their sexual preference or maybe because of their lack of sexual knowledge. The reality is that readers of erotica simply don't care about other people's sexual experience. They care about a good story, developed characters, a great narrative, and a story that has surprising twists.

Some people may think that erotica is only something for single girls or single guys who are looking to get a quick fix. This is not the case, as many people Read erotica that have no desire to have sex with strangers or even increase their sexual activities in any way. This can be compared to crime novels, as people who love crime books don't have a wish to go out and commit crimes. They read the story and the unforeseen plot that's unfolding on the pages.

Great for couples

In fact, many people are exploring this particular genre as a couple. While you may not think about reading a book with your spouse or partner, many couples use erotica as a way to spice things up in the bedroom and develop close relationships.

While couples may explore different positions, experiment with toys, or even go out on exotic dates, some couples resort to erotica.

They read the stories together and take turns reading the sex scenes as a way to keep things interesting and exciting in the relationship. Just like other literature, erotica is meant to have an impact on readers and it sounds like couples find the stories exciting and interesting.

Of course, some couples will read the stories separately, while others read them out loud. It all comes down to what feels comfortable and what feels right in the situation. No one should be forced to read erotica to spice up a marriage.

Could be cheap marital advice

If you feel like you're struggling a bit in your marriage when it comes to intimacy, it may be an idea to bring an erotic novel into the bedroom.

Some people swear that it is the best form of marriage counseling, as you get to try different activities and read a book together that could help the intimacy and communication in your relationship. While it may work for some, it may not be a fun experience for others.

Is reading erotica together with your partner something you would consider for fun?