The Atlanta Falcons are a good team regardless of some of the dumb or silly things they have done. They have played some bad football in the fourth quarter, and they have played some amazing football in the first three quarters. The Falcons have a ton of weapons, but they are missing some of those weapons due to injuries. You have to choose very carefully when the Falcons come back from their bye week, and you need to start thinking about how Steve Sarkisian makes decisions for their offense.

Julio Jones?

Julio Jones has been a little banged up this season, and he does not see the ball enough to meet the needs of most fantasy players.

You probably picked Julio Jones thinking that he would catch for 2000 yards this season. No matter what the Falcons do, Jones can be great. He has been slumping just a little bit of late, but that might be because he had a lingering injury that finally pulled him out against the Bills. The Falcons are not necessarily missing Jones right now, but they will miss him once they get to the playoffs.

Coleman or Freeman

The Falcons have been very balanced in using both Tevin Coleman or Devonta Freeman. They want to use both of these guys to fill a particular role, and each of them will help you in the flex spot on your roster if that is what you need. You have many chances to add fantasy points to your roster if you have one or both of these guys on your team, but they are not being used in critical situations.

You might get some more points out of a player on another team who is called on every critical play.

Austin Hooper

It is obvious that Austin Hooper cannot play like Tony Gonzalez after just one game where he had a big catch, but Hooper needs to be a bigger part of this offense. If Julio Jones keeps getting hurt, they need to turn Hooper into their solid second option.

Just imagine how great it would be for the Falcons if they could go to Hooper when Jones has a bad game, and they can rely on someone other than Julio Jones to make plays for them. A balanced team will typically play better later in games, and the Falcons will increase their chances of going back to the Super Bowl if they are willing to spread out the ball as much as possible.

Mohamed Sanu

Sanu will miss a couple of weeks because of an injury, and the Falcons need to go right back to him when he gets back. He is the perfect second receiver for this team because he is dynamic enough to catch the ball in space and run for big yards after the catch. You can find fantasy gold here, but the team needs to get everyone involved.