The Halloween season brings back a memory from when my oldest son was a student in his senior year at Radford University. It happened in 2008 when he and I shared a supernatural incident to which there is no explanation. This is one of those 'believe it or not' tales where only the people involved know what really happened. I can remember this as if it were only yesterday and can recall every detail. My first born encountered a ghostly Phantom and I was a witness of sorts to the events that took place. During this season of Halloween many have fun pretending to delve into the unknown but when it comes to you without provocation it is no laughing matter.

It was a dark and stormy night on Route 460 East

My son often drove home from school on the weekends, and would always leave at about 5:00 PM on Sunday to return to school. On this particular day, he was running late and did not prepare to depart until about 11:30 PM. It was raining and I wanted to tell him to wait until morning but allowed him to make his own decision. I remained on the living room couch praying for his safe return to school and fell asleep. I began dreaming I was in a car, traveling on Route 460 East, in the pouring rain. There was an eerie feeling as if something supernatural was about to happen and then I woke up.

When I looked at the clock and saw it was 12:30 AM on this dark and stormy night, a feeling of dread overtook me.

My son always drove the Interstate and was back in his apartment within 50 minutes. By now he should have called to tell me he was safe, so I knew something was wrong. I began praying when the phone rang and I knew my child was in trouble. I answered and my son said he had not taken the Interstate but driven Route 460 East.

He was about half a mile from his apartment and his car had stalled. He also told me a ghostly phantom was walking towards him on the left side of the road.

The apparition appears and disappears

My son said the apparition was in the form of a man, dressed in white and limping up the road. As he tried in vain to start his car, the ghostly phantom was getting closer and closer.

I began praying for his protection and immediately he said the supernatural form disappeared and his car started. He drove safely to his apartment and has never had such an experience since.

We have no explanation for why this manifestation appeared without being summoned and with no provocation, or why it disappeared as suddenly. There is no rational answer for why I dreamed my son was driving down Route 460 East when he had been using the Interstate for 2 years. The fact that the phantom disappeared speaks volumes because a human being would have continued walking down the road. So consider this true tale when you are laughing at the super-natural and believing Halloween mischief is all fun and games.