Halloween is only a few weeks away now that October is finally here. Aside from all the candy and silly costumes, it’s also famous for being the scariest holiday. Friends and family usually visit haunted houses or watch horror movies during this time of the year. Horror has become quite a popular genre lately as there are many movies to choose from. That said, here are some scary films you should watch this Halloween.

The Babadook

Originally released in 2014, “The Babadook” has become one of the most popular modern horror films. The story follows a widowed mother who is still trying to cope with the loss of her husband.

During one night, she discovers a book called The Babadook and reads it to her son before bed. From there, strange things begin to happen around the house as the mother grows increasingly violent and hostile against her son. Horror aside, the Babadook monster has also become an iconic LGBT icon after a recent Netflix mixup.


While slasher films aren’t as popular anymore, the “Scream” saga still captures the essence of a proper “killer” film. Each movie follows a killer named Ghostface who hunts down a group of friends and kills them one by one. The main protagonist, Sydney, appears in every film and eventually learns how to cope with all the killings that usually revolve around her. The “Scream” series is a great way to kick off a horror marathon with a group of friends.

Don’t Breathe

“Don’t Breathe” is a unique horror movie that easily became one of the scariest films last year. While there are no ghosts or monsters, two teenagers find themselves locked in a house of a blind war veteran. Little do they know that he’s dangerously armed and won’t hesitate to kill the intruders if he finds them.

The whole movie is a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase with a surprising twist thrown in the mix. The movie is guaranteed to make you hold your breath during every chase sequence.'

It Follows

It Follows” puts a unique spin on the horror genre as the supernatural entity will literally follow the victim to the ends of the Earth. After a sensual evening with a random guy, a teenage girl soon becomes the victim of a shapeshifting creature that continuously follows her wherever she goes.

The only way to get rid of the creature is to have sex with someone else. While the film doesn’t explicitly state what the monster is, many speculate that it’s the physical form of a sexually transmitted disease. That said, “It Follows” is the perfect film if you’re staying in on a date night.