Xcom 2: War of the Chosen” is one of the best tactical video game expansions I have played, and it has introduced several new features. One of those features is the group of mid-boss enemies known as the Chosen. Each of these alien bosses has their own specialties, and it 's hard to fight them in the middle of a mission.

I have compiled some tips and tricks on how to prepare other players on battling these formidable monsters on the field. Hopefully, these can help them get their soldiers ready for what they will meet in the battlefield.

Make a save first (Not Ironman mode)

In every mission you take in this game expansion, always make one save at the beginning. Anything can happen when you proceed through the field, so it is best to be prepared. When the Chosen arrive in the middle of a mission, and you think it will be a difficult position, load the save that you made.

Players can now prepare for the interloper when he/she arrives at the exact moment. It looks like cheating, but these guys are tough to defeat. Using the "savescum" method is not shameful because these guys can deal a lot of damage to your soldiers, and they might even kill them.

Bring items that stop them on their tracks

One of the most important items to bring in every mission is a freeze grenade.

This item could be found early in the game if you purchased the Alien Hunters DLC. This item can freeze enemies in their place, and it is effective against the Chosen.

While the freeze grenade only freezes them for one round, it can give time for the soldiers to hit the boss. Unlike the Alien Rulers, the Chosen can only move on the enemy’s turn.

This is a big advantage for players.

Team up with a Skirmisher

Always bring a Skirmisher along for a mission that is likely to be “visited” by the mid-bosses. Three of his abilities that melee an enemy unit can stun them. This disables enemies for a couple of turns, and it is effective against the Chosen.

Unlike the freeze grenade, a stun status will affect the enemy boss for a couple of turns.

Players can fire a lot of shots, and they can even kill the enemy right away with this advantage. Hopefully, the Skirmisher has high aim points to hit them successfully.

Check the weaknesses

When the Chosen arrives in the middle of a mission, a status bar appears together with them. Be sure to check out the strengths of the enemy before fighting them. Always take note of the weaknesses right away, and you should make use of that advantage in order to deal more damage against them.

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