Will Grier starts his season at West Virginia with a lot of hope because he has left Florida for the green pastures of Morgantown. He could be a star at WVU just because the team needed a better and more seasoned quarterback. He was not terrible at Florida, but he was not perfect either. This means that the things he does in this first game are very important. Everything that he is able to achieve as a part of this first game will set the tone for a season that could define his career.

All Will really has to do is convince us that he is more than capable of making a difference in the West Virginia offense.

He has to have a good showing where he propels the team forward without making it too difficult for them. That would be simple enough, but I know that there are a lot of people who are going to wonder if he can be a superstar. I would not ask him to do that just yet because he needs a little more time to become the world beater that you were expecting.

Will could grow into it

I can see Will growing into his role, and I think that would be interesting because he would create a persona for himself that indicates that he is ready to take on more responsibility. Perhaps we will see him slowly start to take over the offense until he has control of the team as a whole. I do not even know what will happen, but I would like to see that.

I think that Heisman contenders going under the radar are a lot of fun because they will give us something to talk about for the rest of the year. I want to have as much to talk about as possible, and they will have given us ample reason if Will can survive this first game.

This is a real test

This is not Virginia Tech under Frank Beamer, but it is a decent team that West Virginia has to play well against.

They are playing a nighttime game that will give Will a taste of the spotlight again, and we can see how he is coping with that. It is important to remember that he has not been given every chance to succeed at Florida because he was not offered the best play calling. Now, we must see if he will be given a better platform for success at West Virginia.

I hope for great things

I am not a fan of the weird goatee, but I am a fan of Will Grier. People in the SEC are using his name as a punchline, and I do not think that is very funny considering he was not given all the best chances to win. It just did not work out, but he is still a college student who is playing for free. Perhaps we should root for Will and hope that WVU is good.