A ministerial summit of 30 countries was held in Montreal but there was no high-level presence of the United States, which had sent across an observer. Trump previously said that the U.S. would withdraw from the paris climate accord on climate change of 2015 because it was not beneficial but will participate in meetings. Trump wants the accord to be recast and could have a review if it keeps the interests of America in mind.

In view of the stand taken by America, officials who are involved with the Paris agreement plan to meet on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly scheduled in New York.

They want to ascertain the correct position because they feel the thinking in the U.S. has changed and there could be a softening of its stance on this issue.

White House refutes the possibilities

Los Angeles Times reports that White House has said the stance on the subject has not been revised. Lindsay Walters, a presidential spokeswoman, confirmed that the position on the Paris climate accord remains unaltered. She reminded the press that the president had announced a withdrawal from the accord. That will remain until such time the terms are modified and made more favorable to the United States.

In the opinion of President Donald Trump, the agreement on climate change in its present form was not in favor of business in America.

He felt that agreeing to it would mean Washington would have to pay the price for pollution caused by other countries.

However, according to the terms of the agreement drawn up by the previous Obama administration, the decision of the U.S. to withdraw can take effect only after four years. That will give the president some breathing time to revise his strategy on the subject if he feels that it wwill benefit his people.

Recent hurricanes should be a wake-up call

According to Bloomberg, some scientists believe that global warming played a major role in Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma that struck the United States. Harvey brought floods to Houston while the Irma left Florida without electricity and devastated many regions in the Caribbean.

The total loss of property and infrastructure is estimated to be in billions.They wrote that "Climate change didn’t cause Hurricane Irma, the most powerful storm to form in the open Atlantic Ocean, but did make it much stronger, scientists in Germany and the U.K. said."

Global warming is a fallout of carbon emission from burning fossil fuels. There will be no respite from disasters like hurricanes and floods unless efforts are taken to control the generation of CO2. The solution is to ban fossil fuels like petrol, diesel and coal and go in for alternate sources of power like electricity. Already cars, driven by electricity, have entered the market. The bottom line is that the US cannot ignore the ill effects of climate change. It must address the issue with an open mind and accept the Paris climate accord to ensure a safe world.