Donald Trump has always sold himself as the big deal maker all the way back from his real estate days in New York City, and he went back to those deal maker days when he shocked the world when he took the three month deal from the Democrats of keeping the debt ceiling of float. The country loves it when both parties work together because that would mean the government is getting things done instead of the usual business of worrying about if the two parties fan bases would turn on them or not. No president in the history of this country watches more cable Television and press coverage of themselves more than Donald Trump, and he called the two Democratic leaders to joke with them about how the press was covering their bipartisanship.

The picture of Chuck Schumer and President Trump has made people laugh so hard because of the way Schumer has been called nasty nicknames like "crying chuck." I haven't really enjoyed this presidency but this picture was an exciting thing for me to see as a liberal. House leader Paul Ryan said in March that if the Republicans don't get thing done, Trump would work with Democrats. The Republicans have gotten nothing done legislatively and the President has been no help to change that.

The Fallout among Republicans

Before President Trump cut the deal with the Democrats, Republican Speaker Paul Ryan was not happy about Democrats proposal of the three month deal saying "Democrats now are playing politics with the debt ceiling." The Republican leadership offered eighteen months so they could have leverage going into the midterms in 2018, but Trump of course did the unexpected.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse tweeted out that the deal was a very bad deal for Republicans, Sasse has sense deleted the tweet. The Trump base wasn't very pleased to see fold against Democrats because they feel like he was supposed to help drain the swamp and not be a regular politician.

The DACA tweet

Many people were wondering Thursday morning why in the world would President Trump tweet out to the dreamers that they have nothing to worry about when they're due to get deported in six months because of Trump canceling the DACA program that was put in place by President Barack Obama in 2012.

It was later reported that Nancy Pelosi got a call from Trump and told the President to send the tweet out so the dreamers can know they're safe from deportation. Later in the morning Pelosi had a press conference and she talked about the surprising tweet by saying. "This is what I asked the President to tweet out and then boom, boom, boom, the tweet appeared" Pelosi said.

The Advice for Democrats

The Democrats need to be very careful of getting too comfortable with helping President Trump because he is the most unpredictable President we've ever seen in our lifetime. People fell to realize Trump is only loyal to himself and if Pelosi and Schumer go back to saying negative things about him, they're one tweet away from being called a terrible nickname like "crying Chuck." The Democrats also have to worry about their base because we don't want to see him get legislative wins that hurt the American people.

Before we know it the 2020 election would be coming around and we in the Democratic base do not want to see his approval ratings go up before he faces an opponent on the Democratic side for reelection.