Choosing a Fantasy Defense in the NFL is very difficult because you have to be aware of how each team has played in the past couple weeks. At this point in the season, every team in the NFL has played badly in defense. It does not matter who you look at. someone in the NFL has looked absolutely terrible. That is a major problem because it makes your choice difficult. These are some surefire defenses that you will enjoy on your team, and you are a little bit safer with these defenses as opposed to others.

The Texans

The Texans are too gifted to be a bad defense, and we must assume after a couple weeks of play that they had a bad opening with the Jags.

We know now that the Jags are actually really good, but we know that The Texans are equally good. The Texans just held the Patriots in check, and the offense was able to get back on the field enough to nearly win. The Texans defense will be a good choice because they cannot play anyone as tricky for them as the Patriots again this season.


The Jaguars are better than we thought. They have dump-trucked two different teams in the past three weeks, and they have shown that they know how to play defense. It would be wise to pick them up with a good matchup because they have the talent in defense to make them competitive in every game. Joe Flacco looked bad this past week, but the Jaguars were just as impactful on the outcome of that game.


The Redskins have a good defense that will help them remain safe if they have lapses on offense. This defense just held the Raiders to very few points, and that makes The Redskins very dangerous. The Raiders could be the second or third best team in football, and the Redskins defense just stopped them cold. Think about that when you make your choices.


The Chiefs still have a great defense, and they are proving to be very good even without Eric Berry. The Chiefs have to play some of the best defense you have ever seen if you want them to score for you in the next couple weeks. They can continue to do so simply because they have confidence in their offense. The balance of this team makes their defense much stronger because they get extended time resting on the bench.


The Titans have a defense that you can trust, and they will likely continue to play well for the rest of the season because they are still nursing along Marcus Mariota and the young offense. The Titans are close to getting it together, and their defense is a big part of their growth.