Aaron Rodgers might be the best choice for your fantasy roster just because you know that he will have to make plays for the Packers to win. The problem with Rodgers is his offensive line, and there are other quarterbacks playing under similar circumstances. Who can you go outside of the box to pick that might help you this week, and how can you keep your fantasy team solid when you do not have many people to choose from?

Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford can give you all the fantasy points you need, and he will have to keep producing to make sure that his Lions team is not losing for a second week in a row.

They really should not have lost to the Falcons on Sunday, and Stafford will continue to be brilliant. We can assume that the loss will give him some motivation for the future. you might not have thought of it this way, but you see now that the Lions have no choice but to let Stafford throw for 5000 yards this season and possibly more.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith will have to keep up with the rest of the league if he wants to keep his job in Kansas City. The Chiefs have to trade him soon if they do not want to keep him, but he can play well enough to force them not to trade him. That would be an interesting development in the AFC, and it could make the rest of this season interesting. A guy who is playing for his job and auditioning for the rest of the league could have some of the best fantasy numbers you have ever seen.

Jared Goff

Jared Goff is worth a look if you do not have anyone else that you can use. He is clearly better, and the Rams are not all that bad. The league has been so unpredictable that you will be much better off trying to use this guy to get some results because he could make it so that you are earning fantasy points while learning about the Rams.

You might find that the skill players on the Rams are worth drafting, and you could go into the next week convinced that you have to draft Tavon Austin and Todd Gurley this would make your team very good, and you might see the birth of an offense that is very good in LA.

Eli Manning

He has no choice but to be brilliant, but his team is so dreadful that it would be really hard to imagine him being great.

He has been as good as he could be, and he will give you passing yards and scores because he is the only reason they are in any games they play. Odell Beckham still relies on Eli to get him the ball, and you might find out that Eli can be ridden through the season because the Giants do not have any other options.