It's not enough that White House press secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders' eyes are misaligned, so is her shameless defense of President Trump. The crooked display of her defense was seen recently when she made attempts to smear former FBI Director James Comey three times during the last week from the lectern during press conferences.

There’s one thing that the Trump presidency has shown us — they are willing and determined to troll the nation even from the podium, and are not shy from publicly staging attacks against their opposition.

Press secretary Sanders' eyes contort towards obstructing justice

The White House's attacks against James Comey and special prosecutor Robert Mueller has been in motion for some months now since Comey had been fired. With the frequent updates on the details of the investigation, it seems that the White House is ramping up their defense. For instance, in recent weeks, the head attorney for President Trump's legal team, Ty Cobb, revealed over the weekend -- in what was perhaps supposed to be a private conversation -- that he was clashing with the official White House counsel.

The clashing was about turning over information to the special prosecutor, but the White House lawyer, Donald F. McGahn II was holding back.

One of the probes into the investigation has to do with obstruction of justice from the President. In a similar situation, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) said on MSNBC's Hardball last weekend that he believed Sarah Huckabee Sanders might very well be obstructing justice by threatening Comey with use of the Justice Department from the podium.

Threatening to use Justice Department

The reason for why Whitehouse believes that Sarah would be obstructing justice is due to the fact that she is taking part in a smear campaign to impugn a witness, that being Comey. An OpEd piece from the Washington Post titled: "The White House’s new way to defend Trump: Smear James Comey" describes this smear campaign, saying that on behalf of the White House, Sanders has accused Comey of giving false testimony before Congress and revealing classified information in memos the former FBI director showed to reporters.

Sanders' reasoning for an investigation by the Justice Department is around the idea that Comey violated the privacy act by sharing that memo. She also said that Comey had written the memo on a government computer at the bureau and so, he violated bureau policy. But the article points to how she wrongly references the violations, violations that have not been committed and how her threat to use law enforcement is a further indication of how morally corrupt the administration is.

Targeting Comey memos

The Comey memo, appropriately, kicked off a broad investigation by Robert Mueller who is also under attack by the White House. Currently, his investigation is looking into President Trump's firing of James Comey and whether there is any evidence of his intent to obstruct justice.

Comey started keeping memos when he first had a conversation with the President at the beginning of the year, where Trump asked him to not investigate his own national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Comey kept memos of his discussions with Trump which would eventually lead to his firing but also because he would not let go of the investigation over Flynn. The FBI's investigation on the former national security adviser was over his possible collusion with Russian officials. Comey had hearings with congressional committees before and after his firing, where he revealed more details about his meeting with Trump.

Along with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Trump administration seemed to have turn against his attorney generals at the Justice Department, threating to fire the special prosecutor. Recent developments of Mueller's investigation state that at least one criminal probe is closing in on a Trump campaign official who they promised to indict.