As much as the mainstream media apparently loves to constantly deride President trump, they have been forced to repeatedly retract or omit news when he has been correct. Whether it be about bringing jobs back to the US, reducing illegal immigration, identifying Islamic terrorism, or combating human trafficking, the tangible successes of the Trump Administration are given noticeably scant coverage when compared to his gaffes or politically incendiary tweets.

Wiretapping of Trump Tower - conspiracy theory proven genuine

CNN mocked President Trump in March over his earlier tweet and accusation of Wiretapping by the Obama administration of Trump Tower:

CNN and other mainstream media piled on in their descriptions of the tweet to be a "conspiracy theory." Their characterizations were bolstered by public statements from former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and former FBI Director James Comey that no evidence of wiretapping existed.

Conservatives such as Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin were also derided for any comments they made in Trump's defense.

Earlier this week, CNN reported that Trump Tower had, in fact, undergone wiretapping - both before and after the election, under a secret court order that was targeting former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The wiretaps were authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Security Act (FISA), starting in 2014, over possible ties between Manafort and the Ukrainian government. The covert surveillance was abandoned in 2016 due to lack of evidence but was then renewed under a second FISA warrant. CNN's sources stated that despite Manafort's dismissal from the campaign in August 2016, the new FISA warrant was curiously issued to once again target him, allegedly for potential Russian ties.

Uncomfortable questions for Obama Administration?

CNN has tried to save face by commenting that no evidence has yet come to light regarding any wiretapping of President Trump personally. The fact that Trump Tower was still targeted in the FISA warrant after Manafort's departure opens a number of uncomfortable questions for the Obama administration that have been addressed by Breitbart:

  • Since FISA warrants require the approval of the Justice Department and the FBI, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey may have authorized and executed the wiretapping.
  • Given that Manafort was the target of record, there is a question as to how wiretapping of Trump Tower could be justified after his August dismissal and continue post-election.
  • Additionally, Comey is on record in public statements reported in the New York Times that he rejected the FISA warrant. This statement could now be considered demonstrably false.
  • James Clapper told Congress that no FBI wiretapping court order was ever obtained, nor did intelligence services engage in it, which could be perjury.
  • As it is a violation of the Constitution for US citizens to be under surveillance by the government without due cause and process, the Obama Administration may have breached the Fourth Amendment in the same manner that the ACLU has accused former presidents Nixon and Bush in the past.