WASHINGTON: Donald Trump's lawyer repudiated, unpleasant allegations made by the former FBI director Comey. Mr. Kasowitz suggested, that James Comey should be prosecuted for spilling classified information. In addition, Marc Kasowitz rejected James Comey's allegation before Senate panel and dismissed all key points of the testimony.

Mayhem after the final hearing

Donald Trump tweeted on Friday, “WOW, Comey is a leaker!” Marc Kasowitz said, “Mr Comey has admitted that he leaked memos of classified conversations to his friends”. Therefore, we will let the authorities determine the right course of legal action!

On the other hand, democrats regarded the influencing actions of President, as possible impeachment. Of course Trump administration tried to obtain exemption from Comey's testimony, but liberals saw this as incrimination instead.

Legal experts express their opinion

Legal experts challenged Kasowitzs' allegation, stating that Comey did not cross any legal or ethical line. Apparently James had leaked the memo through a friend, who works as a law professor with Columbia University. For the same reason, law professor of the University of Texas, Stephen Vladeck stepped in and said Comey was within his rights.

Stephen took to Twitter and wrote, “Unless memo includes information relating to national defense, it doesn't violate the Espionage Act”. As there is no law against leaks, therefore prosecuting under law is a remote possibility.

On the contrary, Jonathan Turley, from George Washington University found the memo-leak incident deeply troubling from an ethical standpoint.

Jonathan Turley published a blog, where he mentioned that leaking the memos is problematic, given the overall controversy.

Is prosecution on cards?

Correspondingly, President Donald Trump trashed Comey's testimony and declared vindication. Apparently, this raging controversy about alleged ties with Russia, has asserted liberals into believing that it was a presidential misconduct.

Legal experts disagree with Marc Kasowitz's plea for prosecuting James Comey for leaking privileged information. Either way the justice is yet to be served, as we all await the final decision.

In all possibility, ether President Trump will be charged with impeachment, or James Comey will be prosecuted for leaking the memo. Regardless, the Russian-American election campaign meddling controversy, has shook America's political system. American democracy, has taken a dip and to achieve political stability, all we need is one right judgement.