Virginia and William & Mary forwent football for just a little while to show solidarity with one another in Charlottesville. The William & Mary players locked arms on the field to show their Virginia brethren that they were united with them, and we saw a college football team offer a better response to the Charlottesville riots than the president. There are some things you should know about this that make it even more interesting than it already was.

Locking arms

Locking arms was a symbolic show of support by the players at William & Mary for their friends and neighbors from Virginia.

The players at Virginia were no doubt happy to have such support, but I am imagine that they would like to live in a world where this was not necessary. Even so, the two teams did something that is completely unique to sports and the arts. We stop bickering, and we gather together.

The hilarious irony of it all

The most likely person to call a sports radio show and complain about snowflakes and safe spaces is the grizzled old SEC fan. You can listen to a couple shows as I will not name and hear all of them. They are so invested in their schools, but not those snowflake students and libtard professors. I have heard all these things on the air. These people do not understand the irony of their beliefs.

They only believe in an education that entertains and gives them a safe space. They are directly opposed to the university system that gives them their football, and they hate the players they root for. It is a funny thing, college sports, but these things are happening every day.

Those snowflakes

Do not forget that snowflakes is a direct reference to "Fight Club" in which the hero is a domestic terrorist who uses toxic masculinity to gain control of his weaker followers which ultimately leads to one of their deaths.

However, we hear people screaming this word from the rooftops along with diatribes about participation trophies and safe spaces. You got your participation trophy when you bought your jersey from the gift shop, and you asked for your safe space when you begged us not to talk about politics when you wanted your sports. You say "we" when you most likely did not play for that school, and you only call the radio show where you think the host will agree with you. I know it is hard to hear, but these college kids are more open-minded and accepting than you. That is a good thing. Stand up and applaud UVA and W&M. They deserve it.