Western Michigan is playing football extremely well considering they are on a new coach after they went undefeated last year. It raised a thousand questions about whether the group of five schools could put a team in the CFP. They are challenging Usc a lot right now, and they have proved their point win or lose. I believe that it would be interesting to see them win, and I want them to be brilliant this season anyway.

Tim Lester is a WMU graduate

Their current coach is a WMU graduate who has been on and off the staff more than once, and he is now the head coach at his alma mater.

I do not know what his long term plans are, but he has started well in his first game. I believe that he could keep this up for some time, and he could be the Chris Petersen of WMU. Chris Petersen is not the person who started the trend at Boise State. He simply took over for the first guy and parlayed that into an incredible career where he is now at in Washington.

USC needs to do more

USC cannot be even close to losing this first game with WMU. I believe that it is important for them to have a strong showing so that they can start their conference schedule well. They cannot go into their next game and be taken seriously if they are losing to Western Michigan of all schools. I wanted USC to play Washington in the PAC 10 title game, but they cannot if they are going to play this sluggishly.

Suck for Sam

Suck for Sam is not looking all that good now that he is struggling against a group of five defense. Defenses in college are so much less complicated than defenses in the NFL, and it may be time for the Jets to pump the brakes on their suck for Sam campaign. They can suck all they want, but it may not be for Sam Darnold.

Because it could be great the next week, bad the one after that, Heisman worthy the week after that. All I am saying is that it is too hard for USC to be consistent if Sam Darnold is constantly asked questions about whether he wants to play for the Jets or not. I will say it again. He will be a doctor if the Jets have the next four top picks because I would never play for him and I do not think that his family would let him.

Helton needs to get it together

I believe that it would be much easier for them to settle down if they are not trying so hard. This is a team that has a lot to prove, but they cannot prove it all at once. It would be far simpler for them to have a good season if they make choices that will settle them down and make the offense much more efficient.