Music has been proven to help uplift the emotional state of people who need it. There are songs that when you combine their lyrics with the music video can aid in boosting self-esteem. There have been some musical geniuses who have admitted to suffering from low self-esteem, one of whom is Mariah Carey. The singer Pink has also stated that she held a talk with her six-year-old daughter about self-esteem recently. Here are two songs from Lauryn Hill and Beyonce that can help boost self-esteem and self-respect of women in particular.

Doo Wop – Lauryn Hill

The lyrical content of the song “Doo Wop” seems to have a strong leniency to persuading women to respect themselves. This can be seen with the line “Respect is just a minimum.” Lauryn Hill goes on to speak about women defending men who have continually treated them poorly. The music speaks strongly about women having sex with men who do not call them back after the act yet they still try to contact them.

The repeated phrase “watch out” seems to persuade women to change how they allow themselves to be treated. Hill at that time would have stood out from other female black hip hop singers such as Lil Kim, whose album “Hardcore” was about sex, guns and riches. In an interview, Hill said she was not “dissing” them rather she was concerned about their mindset.

Pretty Hurts - Beyonce

Released in 2013, this self-help ballad was written by Sia Furler. It was eventually emailed to Beyonce who immediately decided she would sing the song. The lyrical content delves into the beauty industry that sees to set the standard of beauty. It is targeted to young girls and women who are exposed to the industry beauty standards.

According to the national eating disorder statistics over 80 per cent of Americans watch television daily and those ages eight to eighteen years old spend at least seven and a half hours of their time engaged in media. Even media for children in the form of animation emphasize being “attractive.”

This ballad can help young girls and women identify with others who have self-esteem and body issues and eventually uplift them.

At the end of the song Beyonce almost speaks to the audience as the timing of the song slows down, and she asks, “are you happy with yourself?”

The video showcases many issues. There are scenes with models that are so thin their bones are protruding. These scenes are backed up by Beyonce vomiting in the toilet, while another girl stuffs cotton balls down her throat.

Eating disorder statistics show that one in 200 women suffer from anorexia – an eating disorder that if not treated can result in death. Also, 10 percent of college women suffer from a clinical eating disorder. According to Director Melina Matsoukas, the video concept is a behind the scenes look into society’s take on beauty that does not bring you happiness nor does it move you forward. The focus is on self-esteem and looking within yourself.

Music as a form of therapy can help people who need an alternative method to healing.