The Bears have had a good preseason with Mitchell Trubisky, but they are not in a position to do anything else because they have not seen him play a regular season game. They can only be hopeful until they see what he does against real defenses, in game time situations. So begins the couple years of staring at his film hoping that he is improving as much as they want him to. I can see them having a good year morally only because he is playing well, but we have also learned that the preseason means nothing.

He has what it takes

You can watch a couple highlights and realize has can make the throws.

We are looking at decision making as he matures. The Bears have a long track record of quarterbacks who make wild decisions, and they need that to stop as soon as possible. It would be scary for them to have more of those problems if they are afraid of the turnovers that could result. They are not good enough to absorb all the mistakes that he will make, and they are not good enough to wait around for him to figure out why he is slumping in a game. A bad first quarter will sink them every time.

He needs time to grow

I want to see him grow slowly into a quarterback that can make the Bears relevant. I want to write an article at the end of the season where we are lauding him for being good enough to give the Bears hope.

They can have a good draft, and they can move on from there. Anything less than that is a death sentence, and God help us if Jay Cutler has a good season in Miami. Lord, that would be the worst possible thing that could happen if Trubisky stinks.

They can get new pieces

The Bears have the potential to find new pieces that will replace those they have lost in waiting to get better.

Matt Forte is a Jet. That is a travesty in and of itself, and I think it proves my point. He should still be there, and a young running back they take in the next couple years should have the potential to play with Trubisky for a decade. That is what I want to see because I hate it when the Bears are not relevant.

The Bears are finally being patient

I feel as though the Bears are content to wait for everything to come together. They are besmirching the good name of George Halas every year when they are not good, and it pains me to watch a franchise that is that good be so terrible right now. Soldier Field should be packed, and the Bears should be in contention. I want to see them give the Packers a hard time. I want to see them tussle with the Vikings, and I expect Trubisky to do just that very soon.