Bryant has been reinstated by the NFL because he has finally gotten off the weed to their liking. We have been waiting for this for a while, and we can see what the Steelers offense can really do. On a day that the Steelers saw LeVeon Bell return to the facility they have seen Bryant reinstated, They have a complete offense, and we can now see if they will compete with the Raiders. I really want to see that divisional round game.

They need him

Having Bryant on the team makes the Steelers better, and there are a number of people who will see their fantasy teams blow up because they can take Bryant.

The man can play football, and he will make this offense so much better. The Steelers have made countless good choices when choosing personnel, and Bryant is one of them. You can argue about his poor choices, but the boy can play football.

He is gives Brown room

Antonio Brown gets more room to roam when Bryant is on the field. Teams cannot spend all day double teaming both guys, and that means that they must pull resources from Brown to cover Bryant. Having LeVeon Bell come out of the backfield makes the same sort of difference, and teams that are game planning will find that they must be prepared for a number of formations.


This is the divisional round game that I want to see at the end of the season.

These two teams are so well matched at this point that I cannot imagine a better game in the playoffs. They can both score, and they have both improved their defenses. It would be interesting to see because I know for a fact that the Steelers are hoping to make the most of Big Ben's final few years in the league. They might want to get one more for him like he won one for Jerome Betty's all those years ago.

Will he get suspended again?

You never know with the NFL. This guy could have a spotless career after this, or he could get caught smoking weed a thousand other times. What the NFL needs to do is stop testing for weed because it is not a real issue in terms of competitive performance. Someone who can barely walk after a season playing football might want to blaze a few just because their season is over, and I can hardly blame them considering what their bodies go through.

We often forget about that because these guys make so much money, but we dehumanize them because they smoke a little grass.

I do not know who to pick now. Is it the Raiders or the Steelers? They are both compelling choices now that they are complete teams again.