Lorde has earned plenty of fans throughout the past few years after her career skyrocketed back in 2013. She has released the type of music, throughout her career, that most millennials can easily relate to. While she might not be as popular as the other mainline musicians, there’s no denying that Lorde is still a very popular singer.

With that said, here are my top five best songs coming from her two albums.


Lorde’s career took a surprising turn when she released her “Pure Heroine album back in 2013. She released her music video for “Royals” during the same year.

The song was a completely different theme from the typical mainstream music because of Lorde's emphasis on the "unpopular" kids who didn’t want all the glitz and glam. In my opinion, maybe fans fell in love with the "Royals" because of its simplicity and down-to-earth message, aside from its catchy tunes.

‘Buzzcut Season’

Another track from “Pure Heroine,” “Buzzcut Season,” never got its own music video. Nonetheless, I think "Buzzcut Season" is still one of her better songs because of its chill melody, making it perfect for parties. Fittingly enough, the song is about summer vacation, and how people fall out of their repetitive routine and just have fun. Life moves differently outside of school, and I think Lorde wanted to capture that feeling with “Buzzcut Season.”


“Liability” is one of her newer songs that released on her latest album, Melodrama.

For me, it seems like this song aims to capture the emotions of a person who feels used during a relationship. A lot of her fans loved this "Liability" since many people can relate to that certain situation nowadays. It’s pretty clear that Lorde’s trying to “evolve” her music at this stage in her career, but it still has the core style as her first album.


“Supercut” might be an emotional song about a breakup, but it ditches the sad tune for something more thrilling and fun. In line with this, I think that this song is about her failed relationship, specifically about her boyfriend back in 2015. However, instead of looking at all the negativity that happened during their time together, she decided to write about their good times instead.

‘Hard Feelings / Loveless’

Ending off our list, we have “Hard Feelings / Loveless” which is basically two songs combined. The first half is a bit somber and nostalgic, with Lorde emphasizing the memories of a past relationship. The second half has an innocent “pop” vibe to it wherein she sounds a bit more bitter and bratty about the same romance.