The Chicago Bears are a team that has a plan for the future, and they are clearly Learning about how long they can wait before they have to move on within that plan. The plan for the Bears is to eventually put Mitchell Trubisky on the field, and they can get him into the offense before the season is over. There is no reason to believe that they will not play him at all this year, and Mike is merely managing the ship until the Bears pull the trigger. What are the Bears getting right even as they lose?

They have shown willingness to wait

The Bears do not seem all that broken up about losing, and that is a good thing because they could lose a lot of games.

This team has to spend time building around Trubisky, and they will lose so much that they might get a little discouraged if they did not have their franchise quarterback on the roster. They have Trubisky sitting on the bench waiting to come in, and he needs time to learn before they just throw him in there. The Bears are doing it right because they know that they do not have a team that can support the early rookie starter.

Resist the temptation

The Bears could look at Deshaun Watson and think that Trubisky should just go in the game and learn how to play in the NFL, but that is a bad idea because Trubisky is not mobile. He cannot run around and create plays. Plus, the Bears must know that Watson was good because he had no choice but to run around behind a really bad offensive line.

It would be smarter to look at how the Packers developed Aaron Rodgers, and the Bears could take a lesson in patience.

The losses do not matter

This particular version of this Bears team is simply waiting until they have the exact opportunity to put Trubisky in the game. There has to be the right time to put him in where everyone in the league would agree that he needs to enter the game.

Mike Glennon has not looked terrible, and he cannot be yanked while he is playing just fine. The Bears would be raked over the coals because of the way that Glennon had played. Glennon has to either stink or give way to a bad team. That is the perfect time to put Trubisky in the game because the Bears can say, "see, we waited long enough." They can control the narrative on this guy, and they can convince us all that they know how to manage their roster.

Before the end of the season

Every week that Mike Glennon plays well pushes the start date for Trubisky back. It is almost as if Glennon is telling us that he does not want to give up this job at all. Could that cause strife in the locker room?