CC Sabathia is arguing that the Boston Red Sox should not be bunting on him in the first inning of a game that both teams need. I have many thoughts about this, but I think we all see how silly it is to complain about a gameplan that is innocent, benign, and only seeks to score runs and gain a basic advantage. I believe that it would be smarter to tip your cap to a team when they get one over on you. However, we never seem to be able to do that.

It is sad

CC Sabathia is out of shape. Look at him. The picture is right there at the top of this piece.

He is not what we would consider an athlete, and he has bad joints that would prevent him from running in to field a bunt. Would you not bunt to him as often as possible? I would. I would try this all the time to see what would happen. I want him to run off the mound thinking every time about his joints and not the play. He has to make the decision to bend down and pick up the ball, and his complaints are a clear indication that he does not want to do that.

The bunt made sense

Teams bunt when they want to play small ball, and you can see that the bunt in that part of the game was well-placed. I am pleased to see the Red Sox grinding it out even though I think they have no chance of getting past the Astros in the postseason.

However, they are fighting the Yankees to win their division. You have to do anything that you can to win, and bunting is a really simple thing that can be done.

Complaining emboldens the Red Sox

I would start to push the Yankees that much more if I were the Red Sox, and I would do anything to get in their head. This is something that I think should be done to ensure that the Yankees are working as hard as possible.

They are in a tailspin that is pushing them out of playoff contention, and the hate between these two teams should fuel the desire of the Red Sox to make the Yankees look bad. CC Sabathia cannot even bend over to pick up a baseball without complaining about it, and now his team is very close to falling out of the playoffs because he cannot do these simple things.

Capitalism and toxic masculinity

I once read on social media where someone compared football to a cross of capitalism and toxic masculinity. They were very right in that sentiment. Baseball is the cross between capitalism and toxic laziness. Baseball players like to lean on their unwritten rules because they do not want to consider anything critically, and now we have someone who used to be the highest paid player in the league complaining about picking up a ball. I rest my case.