We are nearly halfway through the MLB season, and the Milestones are getting closer for some particular players. Here's an update on historic milestones that could happen in the near future.

Beltre nearing 3,000 hit club

Beltre has 2,957 career hits with stints with the Dodgers, Mariners, Red Sox, and the Rangers. Beltre would be the 31st player to ever record 3,000 hits in a season but he only has 15 hits in the season as he has battled through an ankle injury.

Beltre still has plenty of time to reach 3,000 hits this season. If Beltre can get to 3,000, it will be the third consecutive MLB season in which a player reached this plateau.

CBS Sports said at the beginning of the season that a few years ago, "the big debate was whether Beltre is a Hall of Famer, though that’s a slam dunk now."

In 2015, Alex Rodriguez notched his 3,000th career hit with the Yankees, while Ichiro Suzuki reached this mark with the Marlins. No player has ever recorded their 3,000th career hit in a Ranger uniform.

Miguel Cabrera could reach 475 career home runs

Cabrera just passed 450 career home runs, and currently, has 453 for his career. Cabrera fought through a hand injury this season, but it's not impossible for the slugger to hit 22 home runs to finish the season. Cabrera finished last season with 38 home runs. Regardless, Cabrera could join the 500 career home run next season, but every home run will help inch him closer.

CC Sabathia goes for 2800 career strikeouts when he returns

Sabathia just went to the DL with a grade 2 hamstring tear. When he returns, he will look to get 12 more strikeouts to become the 21st player to ever record 2800 strikeouts or more in their career. The hope is that Sabathia can return soon this season. There is no guarantee that Sabathia will be back next season as this is the last year of his contract.

If Sabathia has no chance to get to 3,000 career strikeouts, will this be enough to get him hall of fame consideration?

At this pace, Fernando Rodney has chance to join 300 save club

Rodney has 19 saves on the year for the streaking Arizona Diamondbacks. As long as the Diamondbacks keep winning, Rodney will have a chance to keep saving games.

Rodney has 280 saves for his career. With a little more than half the season remaining, that would mean Rodney has a chance to save 40 games for the season. It was just two years ago Rodney saved 48 games for the Mariners, and it would be the third time in his career that he would pull off this feat. If Rodney can get to 300 career saves, Rodney would be the 28th player ever to record 300 saves in their career.