Odell Beckham had the most distasteful touchdown celebration wherein he lifted his leg like a dog and truly made a fool of himself. The NFL might even go so far as to suspend him, and now the Giants need to Decide what they want to do with him. They have not paid him even though he has earned his money on the field, but they have enabled him by basically allowing him to do whatever he wants. The owners of the team can say that they are unhappy with how Odell acts, but when will they do something about it?

The Giants need to take a side

The giants need to take a side on this issue by either giving Odell a contract or trading him.

The trade for Odell is something that should be on the table, and he should have been called in for a meeting where that trade was openly discussed. He should have been told, "if you do not want to act like a normal person, you will be traded." That might say something to him that has not been said before and it is clear that he needs to be raked over the coals very hard by someone with the team. The Giants need to put the threat of a trade out there because that might be the only thing that will get him to get it together. This guy not playing like a team player, and his team stinks right now. How much longer before the Giants tell this guy that they will not have it? They look really stupid right now, and I would be terrified to act like that knowing my team was that bad.

Sign him and suck it up

Odell should be signed if the Giants will not trade him, and they need to sign him right now. He should be signed to a big contract, and he should be given the keys to the kingdom. If you, as the Giants, are willing to let Odell do whatever he wants, then you need to pay him right now and let him be the true face of the team.

Right now, he looks like a bum who does not want to be there. He looks like he is trying to get fired, and it looks like he is willing to go out of his way to get the Giants to do something drastic.

You are better than this

The Giants are a much better franchise than this. It should be made clear that celebrations are fine, but there is a line where you are just too distasteful to be playing for a franchise like this.

The Giants are one of the premier teams in the league, and they should be acting like they are. The Mara and Tisch families need to start acting like they are a great franchise instead of just hiding in the background and mumbling about how unhappy they are with Beckham or worrying about losing season ticket holders to an anthem protest. Step up, please.