The Dallas Cowboys are in a bad spot because as I write this article we are waiting for the decision on the Ezekiel Elliott suspension. They have the best roster in the division, and they have many of the best players. I know that they will be missing Elliott for many games, but they will still be better than the other teams in the division. This division will be played close, and it could east up the other wild card spot in the NFC.

Restraining order?

The restraining order that Ezekiel Elliott wants will stop the NFL from suspending him if they still choose to do that, and it will help him play a full schedule.

That means that he will not be suspended even if it is reduced. The Cowboys do not seem to be pleased with the NFL, and they will likely not allow the NFL to suspend him by staying in the courts. If they get the restraining order, they can drag this out for the season.

Dak Prescott

Dak has to have a brilliant season. He should not look like an MVP, but we should be in here every week talking about how good he looks. I want him to get more comfortable with Dez Bryant, and I want to see him with Elliott taking some of the pressure off of him. I am not commenting on the Elliott case because it is complicated, and Zeke needs to learn not to be a knucklehead whether that girl was lying or not.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant should have an amazing season, and I think that he has to be nearly flawless to get the Cowboys in the playoffs. He is the big play option for Dak, and I think that their pairing could be strong enough to get the Cowboys into the playoffs. we know that they have a great offensive line, and that will give Prescott all the time he needs to throw the ball.

He has no excuse, but also has to improve. We need to see him throw for at least 4000 yards, and those 4000 yards will help the Cowboys get into the playoffs. Prescott's improvement will be a marker that helps Dez Bryant look like the hall of famer that I think he is.

The defense

I am coming to trust Stephen Jones as he helps his dad put together the roster in a way that makes the most sense for everyone involved.

They have worked on their defense, and I think an improved defense for the Cowboys will help them hold off teams that would give them a hard time. They will have a much harder schedule this year, but they can still play well because they have put together their team in the right way.

The Cowboys will take a wild card slot, and I think they will take it comfortably along with the Panthers.