Mike Mccoy is a very good offensive coach, but he falls into the category of great coordinator with the likes of Norv Turner. Norv was never a good head coach, but he is one of the best offensive coaches in the history of football. Mike McCoy may be able to work some magic with the Broncos offense, but he needs to get Trevor Siemian to be a much better version of himself. McCoy could work a miracle with Siemian, but he was not all that good with Philip Rivers.

Why is Denver hopeful?

Denver wants to see if they can get the same results that Sean McVay got when he started working with Jared Goff.

There are a number of reasons why this could happen, and there are just as many why it will not happen. We must be very aware of what the Denver offense is capable of, and we must ensure that we have watched Trevor Siemian's development closely. Perhaps McCoy can get more out of the Denver offense than he got out of Philip Rivers?

Why was he so unsuccessful with Rivers?

Philip Rivers is a great quarterback, but that does not automatically mean that he can create the best offense in the league with the skills that he has. There are a number of different reasons why the Chargers were not working. They were planning on moving to the LA area, and they were not willing to spend money on the right people at the right times.

The Chargers did not give McCoy any tools, and they forced him to work without the proper amount of help. Perhaps he will be better in Denver simply because the ownership of the Broncos is that much better.

Can Siemian be that kind of player?

Trevor Siemian can easily be that kind of player if he is given the right kind of coaching.

This writer believes that the Broncos could be on the right track in hiring McCoy. They probably chose him because he had the right ideas to help Trevor Siemian. Siemian may have been in line to win the starting job all this time, and he has simply become the favored pupil of McCoy. These two could forge a great relationship if the Broncos are willing to give them time.

It would be interesting to see how much improvement occurs over the next two or three years. The Broncos could have a contender on their hands, or they may need to draft someone else. They have done everything right over the past five years, and they need to continue to make those decisions so that they can remain on the right track. Mike McCoy is depending on them, and he only has a couple years to turn this around for the better.