There are different kinds of zombie shooter Video Games that I like a lot, and one of them is “State Of Decay.” This was an action-adventure survival horror stealth video game, which was developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. I played the PC version and also its expansion.

I spent a lot of time playing this video game due to the numerous features it has. It also lets players choose their own methods of fighting off zombies like using a shotgun or smashing their heads with a baseball bat. Here is my review of this awesome zombie game.

The usual zombie apocalypse story

Players who want a deeper storytelling will be disappointed with this zombie video game because it has the same kind of story as the others. A survivor tries to find a way to get out of town that is infested with the undead, finds other survivors, kill all of the zombies that they find, and miraculously escape. There are now plot twists to discern because you only need to survive.

However, players will be faced with choices that will affect the whole survivor group along the way. Someone might betray the others, become unhealthy, get bitten by a zombie, and other elements that will force you to make a choice. It spices up the story, but it is still the same zombie story.

Fun gameplay fighting off zombies

The best part about “State of Decay” is its awesome gameplay fighting off zombies. It plays like your usual third-person shooter and melee survival video game. It allows you to use different types of weapons that you can find all around town like guns, baseball bats, hammers, a piece of wood, or anything that can be used to smash a zombie’s head.

There is also the survival gameplay that lets players settle in a building to board up the windows with wooden boards. They can also set up some traps against zombies in case they come in a horde. They can also train their fellow survivors to gain new abilities that can be used against the undead.

The home base can heal the sick, fix cars, make bullets, and defend the survivors against the undead.

Players will need to manage this base and bring in materials to build more facilities and upgrade the defenses. It is a fun gameplay feature for those who want to make their zombie apocalypse fantasies real but in digital form.

Players can also befriend other survivors in other settlements to gain items, food, weapons, and more. You can also invite them to join your group if you want. You can also fight and kill them all to grab all of the loot.

A lot of bugs

The video game’s problem is its numerous bugs that range from being ridiculous to annoying. A lot of players have complained about these issues, but the game developers cannot seem to fix all of these problems. Even to this day, it still has a lot of bugs to fix.

State of Decay” has a lot of fun gameplay features to try out, but it is riddled with tons of bugs that need to be fixed. Hopefully, the sequel will be better than this one. I can give a 6 out of 10 points for this Game Review.

Check out the "State of Decay" Official Trailer video here: