We are experiencing not a tyranny of the majority. Instead, it is a tyranny of a super-powerful minority.

Not only is the popular support for Donald trump and the GOP Congress less than it was when Trump lost more votes than he won. Trump grows more tyrannical and unpredictable by the day, posing an increasing risk to everyone.

Uninformed destruction

Do you want evidence? Start with his uninformed effort to pass the Graham legislation which will repeal Obamacare. This would create a national crisis that no one can now imagine. Millions would be set adrift.

Markets could crumble. The entire government might well be in danger of simply perishing from stasis.

A schoolyard bully in charge

Trump's language at the UN was downplayed by a media that has no sense of the danger we are in. Trump has the power to create unparalleled destruction and the temperament to act on impulse. Surrounded by people who are there to do his will, this is an invitation to a daily red alert.

Trump is impulsively wed to the dictatorial act. A perfect example was his threat to local police operations that they would lose federal support if they did not participate with ICE in harassing and hurting innocent Americans who happen to be immigrants, like most other Americans.

With the power of the presidency, Trump can conduct war against Mueller from the White House with a smile.

Trump calls Russia a hoax when his money laundering complicity on behalf of Russians is about to become public knowledge.

There will then be protests. Trump will reflexively support any law enforcement that borders on torture, as his pardon of Arpaio clearly indicates.

Mueller needs to act now

Mueller is the soul of care and caution it seems. But this is an urgent problem. Every day, Trump is engaging in a primal effort to mute an effort to remove him.

We need timely indications of the seriousness of the offenses Mueller has uncovered. We are in a conflict that will not be won by what is true, but by what is accepted.

A tyrannical minority will back even a known criminal

The tyrannical minority is mobilized to make mincemeat of a sheeplike majority that is frankly apathetic at the core. We have a beautiful legion of progressive souls who understand the danger. But their efforts will be of little avail unless Mueller recognizes that his job involves besting an enemy who will stop at nothing to remain in power.

The tyranny of the majority would spell the end of our democracy. Now it is only a few million votes away from becoming reality.