The Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks will square off in The Green Bay on Sunday, and the Seahawks will have to summon all their might to beat a team with an unreal homefield advantage. Seattle and Green Bay have the two best advantages in the sport, and the Seahawks must use all their focus to beat a Packers team that is supposed to be very powerful this season. The Seahawks defense against the Packers offense will be exciting to see.

Two big lines

The Packers have an offense that can score whenever they want, and the Seahawks have a defense that should be able to stop anyone at any time.

The combination of the two should be interesting to see because they are both unmovable at home. The Packer offense has the advantage being in Green Bay, and the Seattle offense must deal with the terrible noise and cold in Green Bay. The cold off the water of Green Bay is bad enough to deal with if you are walking through town, but playing football in it even at this time of year is difficult. If you have no point of reference for where Green Bay is, you just imagine that it is practically in Canada. It is much farther north than you think.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback, and he is something of a gunslinger who can pitch the ball all over the place if that is what he wants to do.

He could start the game with a succession of passes that would score quickly, and he may get in the heads of the Seattle defense. Seattle has han problems with their chemistry, and the defense could get frustrated very quickly. Rodgers knows that he has the weapons necessary to win this game, and he must use them early and often before the Seattle defense gets to him.

Pressure Rodgers

The Seattle defense must get pressure on the Packers early if they want to stop them from scoring too much. They need to get Russell Wilson back on the field as fast as they can after every possession because he needs time to manage their offense. Wilson is not a gunslinger, and he will need extra downs to ensure he can score for his team.

The combination of the defense getting Wilson on the field and poor play from the Packers defense should work in Seattle's favor.

Enjoy the game

This game is to be enjoyed because both of these teams are going to the playoffs. They will have a chance to meet each other again in the winter, and Seattle must hope that it is not in Green Bay where it will be cold, possibly snowing, and nearly impossible for them to win a game. If the tiebreaker comes down to this game, the Packers are going to the Super Bowl.