The Houston Texans are on the cusp of a new era, and we must wonder how long it will take before Tom Savage is taken out for Deshaun Watson. The Texans are on the clock because there is no reason to believe that Savage will last the whole season. Watson is ready to go, and you are wasting time if you do not play him as soon as possible. The Texans have a terrible Jaguars team that they can beat up on if they want to, and we should check our watches to see how long it is before the Texans give in to the temptation.

Savage is ok

Tom Savage is an alright quarterback, but he is not a talent on the level of Watson.

He is a good backup which he will become permanently when Watson becomes the starter, and that is how it should stay. This could be a very good duo of quarterbacks that compliment each other well. There is no reason to move Savage out of Houston when he could stay with Watson as a backup for many years to come. There is no magic spell that can cause Savage to become a starter, and it is unlikely that someone will want to trade for him. The Texans have their quarterbacks, and they simply need to switch roles.

Crush the Jags

The Texans could get a major ego boost if they were to beat the Jags badly. Jacksonville is a terrible team that is almost not professional, and they may not have the ball for than 20 minutes the whole game.

The Texans should use every one of those 40 minutes to destroy the Jags in the most convincing way possible. They can send a message to their division, and they show the offense that they are truly potent. The defense will likely not allow a score, and it is possible that the Jags might not even get a first down. This game could be the biggest blowout of the season.

Bortles has to go

We will learn if the Jags want to be stubborn about Blake Bortles, and they will show us if they are willing to throw away their whole season on a guy who is obviously not a good enough player to start in the NFL. They have Chad Henne on the roster, and they may need to use him so that they are not completely embarassed.

They can stop the bleeding only so much, but the Jags should at least give their team a fighting chance of competing in every game.

A Titans showdown

The Texans and Titans will be ready to go for two big games this season that will likely determine who wins this division. They can both score, and they both have pieces that create matchup problems. The offensive line in Tennessee against that Texans defensive line. We need to see that.