Russell Wilson has paved the way for big-time players to take a knee during the national anthem, and this is a bit of a change in how the NFL might see protests happen because Wilson was struck by what Trump said leading up to last weekend's protests. Wilson is a quarterback, and that is the most important position in all of sports. We somehow expect quarterbacks to be perfect, and his move could push Big Time players in all sports to take a stand. That does not mean that Tom Brady will get a conscience and protest, but it does mean that other people who have very big names might consider protesting.

This is not just about the NFL

We have a lot of big European soccer players in America playing in the MLS, and that league could get a lot of publicity by doing the very same protest. The big-name players who are here playing could have the protest become apparent of what they are going to do to fit in with their teams. Everyone would report on a big-time soccer player kneeling, and they might see that it worked out for Wilson and do it themselves.

Quarterbacks, coaches, and owners are linked

We can safely assume that most owners in the NFL are not excited by the protest because they gave money to Trump's campaign. These guys have not been interested in social justice until they had to take a knee with their players and lock arms.

The quarterbacks are often linked to their owners because they are the two most high-profile people on the team. Russell Wilson has detached himself from ownership by being bold, and some other people might do the same thing. Imagine Matt Ryan doing the protest and putting some separation between himself and Arthur Blank. The same thing could be happening in Carolina, and it would be interesting to watch in a place like LA where Jared Goff could lead a revolution that opposes Stan Kroenke.

Why do we care?

We care because sports is now political, and it will never change again. There are certain things you might not want to watch or listen to because it has all been politicized, and that is because Trump decided to attack the NFL and make this very uncomfortable. You must look at what you are watching and decide if it is something that you will still enjoy.

For example, a Sports Talk Show that goes over the current news is not helping you. However, a sports talk show that addresses how social justice impacts sports would be great. You have to care now because change is already here.