The Seattle Seahawks are led by Russell Wilson and an amazing defense, but they are faced with questions about their team dynamics. If they put their internal issues aside, they will be an amazing fantasy team this season because of Russell Wilson, their home-field advantage, and that defense combines for a powerful punch. Do they provide real value, or are they too hot-headed for a brilliant season?

Russell is the golden boy

The Seahawks must offer Russell Wilson the golden boy treatment because he is the quarterback, and the quarterback in football is often the face of the franchise.

He has taken them to two Super Bowls, won one of them, and he has been a great leader for the team every year since he entered the league and stole the job from Matt Flynn. He is treated extremely well by the franchise because that is how it should be. He is making them a lot of money, but the defensive players may have taken exception to that. Therein lies the problem with this team.

The defense makes the offense better

The defense in Seattle has always made their offense better because the offense hardly has to catch up, they come back on the field often during the game, and the defense gives them scoring help. The Seahawks receive extra possessions that other teams do not get, and Russell Wilson is given many more chances to look his best.

The defense and the offense are in a symbiotic relationship that both sides must respect. The defense may have been upset with Wilson at one time, but they cannot harbor those feelings.

They are coached well

Wilson and the defense on this team created quite a lot of value for fantasy owners because they are both performing well most of the time.

The defense in Seattle will score from time to time, and they will give up less yardage than an average defense. Less pressure is on the offense, and they will perform better because they are not scrambling to catch up.

Pete Carroll helps

Pete Carroll is an amazing coach for this team. Coaching is an important part of the NFL, and it helps to have someone who knows how to manage the team.

He can handle all the egos on the team because he wanted them there in the first place. He has a lot of input on this roster, and he will ensure that all his players are getting along when it matters most. They are still recovering from that stinging Super Bowl loss, but they are better than most teams in the NFL when they are between the white lines. Trust the Seahawks with your fantasy future.