The Los Angeles Rams are in good shape to start the season well. They have a big lead against the colts early in the game, and their offense seems to be working for the first time. It is possible that new coach Sean McVay has brought something to the Rams that they have not had in a long time, or they may be benefiting from playing one of the worst teams in all of football. Either way, the Rams are definitely in a good place at the moment.

Improved offense

The Rams have been in dire need of an improved offense ever since they drafted Jared Goff. They put this poor boy in a situation last year that was completely untenable, and he looked terrible.

Many people wanted to see McVay work with Goff so that the two of them could have the same kind of relationship that Joe Montana had with Bill Walsh. Walsh and Montana were buddies in the golden age of the 49ers, and these two Rams disciples seem to be buddies right now. Goff is going to learn a lot from McVay, and he could turn out to be an amazing player because he finally has a coach who can work with him.

The defense

Aaron Donald is not even playing today, but he is going to give the Rams a boost when he comes back next week. Even so, the Rams are starting well considering they are playing a bad team in the Colts. This is the perfect game for a team like this because they need all the help that they can get as they fight for relevance in the NFL.

The Rams must prove that their defense can make up for any mistakes that Goff will make. Goff is still very young, and he will slip up from time to time. Having this brilliant defense makes the Rams that much scarier because they will be able to impose their will on opposing offenses.

Young coaching

Sean Mcvay obviously has something to do with this good performance, and it may be that he enjoys working with these players so much that they have bought into his scheme.

He has players on his roster that are older than he is, and they will not buy into his plan unless he gives them a reason to respect him. McVay's love of the game may have won over these players, and it does not hurt that he is instantly making them better. The Rams will only improve if they can continue on this trajectory.

They have an improved offense, and they have a defense that should be able to stop anybody. Adding in a young coach only makes their situation that much better.

This is a great situation for the Rams because have instantly become relevant. They have a young coach and quarterback to watch.