Leonard Fournette proved himself right when he claimed that the NFL is easy. He is the first Jaguars rookie to run for 100 Yards in his debut, and he is by far and away the best offensive player in football right now. He looked even better than Kareem Hunt in his debut for the Chiefs, and this game shows that the Jaguars may be hitting on all cylinders for the first time in a long time. The Jaguars were once a team that was so irrelevant that you could not find them on TV unless you lived in Florida, and they may have become one of the hottest tickets in the NFL.

Why Fournette?

Fournette appears to be a generational talent who will move the ball for the Jags more easily than anyone in the past. The Jags have had many good offensive pieces before, but Fournette is the first one to make it look this easy. The Jags have been hoping that they would see a revitalized offense this season, and they got exactly what they wanted when they ran all over the Houston Texans. Fournette was in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time.

Bortles to Fournette

Bortles to Fournette is a fantastic combination that makes Bortles a much better player. You may not have realized how bad Bortles looked in the past, but he has washed away all those memories. Having Leonard Fournette in the backfield makes Bortles' life much easier, and he showed that he can perform when he is not asked to carry the offense by himself.

He worked a miracle today against the Texans that many did not expect, and Fournette is at the heart of what Bortles just did.

What next?

The Jaguars can clearly have a very good team this season if they plan to improve on both sides of the ball. Their team must make some upgrades to the offensive line, and they must improve their defense so that they can stop other teams from scoring.

Bortles, Fournette, and a nice group of young receivers makes the Jaguars a dangerous team to play even if they may lose many games due to rookie errors. The Jacksonville fan base must be excited knowing that they have two of the hottest young players in all of the NFL on their team, and this game should be encouraging because this fan base has been hoping for this for a long time.

The Jaguars will find a lot to be thankful for now that they have been given this gift, and the fans will turn out to see what happens next.

The Jacksonville Jaguars may have finally rebuilt their team properly for the first time. They seem to have all the right pieces in place for a good season.