After a long wait, Cheritz finally delivered the new route; Another Story is here! After delaying the new route, “Mystic Messenger” finally unveils their new story this month. Many fans are happy that they can finally “save” Jihyun Kim or most popularly known as V from his canonical end. If you have played all the stories and have read the secret endings, then you are aware that this route will finally give him a chance to live. However, as you play through the story; it might just become the other way around.

So if you are one of the MC’s who is hell-bent in giving our favorite photographer the happiness he truly deserved, this is something for you.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve a good end with V.

Be as understanding as you can be

If you’ve played all the past routes, you will notice a common theme of understanding. In this new “Mystic Messenger” route, you will do the same. However, take note that you cannot do this to everybody. Make sure to be understanding to the characters but not favor anybody too much except V.

Despite how you feel with Saeran Choi, especially how he has become too adorable in this story; this is not about him. Although he may be very sweet to the MC, the boy has a very complex story behind this. Getting close to him will not lead you to the Good End. This doesn’t mean you have to tell him to go away explicitly, but you need to be gentle in how you answer him.

The story will tell you soon enough why. Stay on your goal without damaging him too much; he’s already suffering enough.

Be Innocent

Now, if you’ve seen the spoilers online or if you have started the route already, “Mystic Messenger’sV route will start differently. Ray will tell you that what you’re about to experience is a game.

As if he is breaking the fourth wall, Ray will explain that the characters are AIs and are not real. What he wants you to do is to test out a new game where you can talk to pretty boys, so be careful. Play along with Saeran and be as innocent as you can be. Enjoy the game he will present you and don’t tell the RFA members where you are.

Aside from all of this, you have to make sure that Ray isn’t very anxious with you. Question him starting Day 4 but not too much that it makes him unstable; this leads you to a bad end. What you can do is to tell Ray that the characters feel too realistic and that you like V.

When you have successfully reached the game branch, and a story mode appears with Ray, choose to hesitate in taking the drug. Ray will try to drug you at one point but if you keep on doing this somebody will appear and stop it. Successfully doing so will make you closer to the good end.

There are still a lot of days after that, but getting out of the first four days is a crucial part of “Mystic Messenger’s” V route.

Mystic Messenger” Another Story can be unlocked now for 300 hourglasses, and the game is available to download on all IOS and Android device worldwide.