Fans, Rejoice! “Mystic Messenger” just released an update of the V route. With August slowly slipping away with no news regarding “another story," Cheritz suddenly dropped a major news regarding its release on their official social media account. The company was very concise, announcing that the new story will be delayed and moved to a September release. To make up for it, the company decided to give fans a little peek at the story through a video. What can we draw out from this new video?

'Another Story' will center on V and Rika

The opening song of "Another Story" is called “Light and Daffodils,” and as the title implies, it gives you a sense of what’s going to happen in the story using these metaphors.

The first thing you’ll notice in this video is how the characters are viewed as the lyrics are being sung.

The first lines of the song were sung by V and Rika, introducing them both to the audience Then we see the official “Mystic Messenger” logo for “Another Story." Together with the opening song and the way they were introduced in the video, we can draw out that that the upcoming route will not just center on Jihyun but with Rika as well.

A possible Magenta party?

After the logo was shown, the song continues to play. The video introduces with the rest of RFA starting with Jumin, Zen, Jaehee, Yoosung, and 707/Saeyoung. If you look at this sequence closely; the timing of the lyrics, together with the characters seem to be very significant.

A great example is with 707 and Unknown’s part, which coincidentally sung by Rika with the lyrics, “It takes a push to make me perish.” It makes the song seems more significant to the characters as it goes along. Another thing you might notice in this video is that the RFA members look sad while being introduced. Compared to the original opening video, they look considerably sorrowful.

Giving us a sense that it’s not going to be a very pleasurable 11 days with V.

Speaking of Unknown, the way he was introduced in this video is really neat. From his original look in the main stories, we see him transition into a suit as if he's ready to go to a party. His hair is still significantly colored white giving us the impression that he is still with Magenta.

Is something going to happen in the other organization? After this, as if to give you more proof of this conclusion, Rika is shown wearing a mask and a black dress inside of what seems to be the Magenta HQ. Is there going to be another party in this route?

The last few lines are sung by V with him donning a much longer hair. Giving you an impression that he might either be older in this route. The video ends with him asking to love the Daffodil as if it was his heart, with a picture of him with Rika on a frame.

I can go on and on about this video, and what could happen in “Mystic Messenger’s” new route. The meaning of the flower Daffodil itself is already something to talk about. However, for now, I think it’s best to wait until September. Cheritz might give us more of what we can hope for.