The New England Patriots are favored to win the Super Bowl, but we have to have a look at why. They are given an easier path to winning the Super Bowl because their division is so bad. That is the sole reason why they have this nice path to the playoffs, and they are less likely to sustain more injuries because they are playing lesser competition. Walking through their division is easy because it is simple to imagine how they will win every game out of those six on their way to the number one seed in the playoffs.

The Jets

The Jets are pathetic.

That has been talked about a thousand times, and there are many people who think that the Jets could lose all their games. The Jets will not be able to score, and they will surrender two easy games to the Patriots. They will not give the Patriots a real game, and the New England staff could spend some time with their second and third string players on the field because they are not all that afraid of the Jets.


The Dolphins are capable of giving the Patriots a good game, but they are not this ominous threat that will cause the Patriots to feel fear. They will give the Patriots a few problems, and they may even score some points. However, the Patriots will not have to work very hard to beat them because they can wear them out over the course of the game.

Miami simply does not inspire any confidence because Jay Cutler is their starter, they are being thrown around by this hurricane, and they will play without a bye week.

The Bills

The Bills could win some games during the season because Shady McCoy is a brilliant player, but they have no other weapons. They will lose to the Patriots twice, and they will probably not look good.

There are many people who think that the Bills will be absolutely awful, but it is more likely that they will be moderately good. They have never played well against the Patriots, and they will cede these games to the Patriots because they cannot score enough points.

That is an easy path

The chances of us seeing a repeat Super Bowl between the Falcons and Patriots is unlikely because the NFC South is as strong as the AFC East is weak.

The Patriots have the red carpet rolled out for them, and they will stride across it without any thought at all. They will not go 16-0, but they will win their division for that easy berth in the playoffs. The rest of their schedule is a bit more tenuous because there is talent around the NFL that will give them a bit of trouble here and there.