Lavar Ball has come right out and said that he is more interested in the shoe for LaMelo than he is with Eligibility. I can live with that because it represents honesty that people often do not give us in the sports world. We forget that he has a business plan, and I was wondering if that was what he was working on. Someone who is thinking that LaMelo has to go to college is wrong, but I do believe that it would be the best way for him to get to the NBA and be successful.

He was honest

Lavar gets a lot of credit for being honest that he would rather build the company that he has started around his sons than seek eligibility in the NCAA.

I can agree with this because he has a plan. I also know that there are many places for someone to play college basketball if he chooses to work something out with the NCAA. One never knows what the NCAA would say, but I can imagine that they would want some concessions. I would be much happier with this if LaMelo had a say in it, but I think that the dad may be in front all by himself running the company.

Handing down the name

Handing down the name of the company and the brand to his kids is probably something that Lavar wants to do. I can understand that, and I can see how he would prefer to do that than to simply let his kids go to college and do the normal path to the NBA. We also forget that he has a plan we do not know.

Perhaps he knows something that we do not, but I have no idea what that is until we let him tell us.


Playing in Europe is an excellent option for LaMelo if he has no eligibility, and I cannot complain about that because boys do that all the time in Europe. They go to play for the club teams that developed them, and it is a part of a system that is also used to develop kids who play soccer.

We could do the same here, but we do not because we have our college athletics system. The kids go to college to get developed, and they are drafted after the fact. That is the only reason we need the draft, and LaMelo could enter the draft after playing a year in Europe. He would be good over there, and I think that that is fine because the family seems to have a plan.

Good job, Lavar

I think that Lavar has done the right thing here, and now we can speculate about what will happen when LaMelo is ready to go to school. Is he going to automatically go to UCLA? I have no idea. I think that he could if the NCAA is ok with it, but he could just go to Europe to have his own experience. Lavar Ball has ducked back into the shadows a bit, and he is doing the right things.